Mr Mangala Boyagoda

Non Executive Director

Mr Mangala Boyagoda is a senior banker, possessing over 30 years’ experience holding key positions in the field of financial services. He is a specialist in debt markets, Financial Risk Management and in the re-structure of companies. A former CEO Standard Chartered Bank he is at present Chairman, Wealth Lanka Management (Pvt.) Limited, Director SAFE Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd, Wealth Trust Securities Ltd, Asset Trust Management (Pvt.) Ltd, Ceylon Hotels Corporation, Cargills Bank Ltd, Sri Lanka Gateway Industries (Pvt) Ltd, Ceylon Insurance General (Pvt.) Ltd, Sierra Construction Ltd, C. A. Crushing (Pvt.) Ltd, Maskeliya Plantation PLC, Capital Alliance Finance PLC, Faber Capital (Pvt.) Ltd and Virginia International Investments Ltd.

Mr. Boyagoda has served as a Consultant to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the World Bank, the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka as well as Bangladesh.

He also served as a Committee member of the Financial Reform Task Force and is a former President of the FOREX Association of Sri Lanka.

Mr. Boyagoda holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Irish International University (European Union).


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